The red taxi 1/35

So… Some progress… Finaly…

I cutted some wooden shelves for the windows.

I also used a mix of fine sand, sieved earth and some cat tolet rocks to bland old debries and new cobblestone. I putted some of this mixtilolure between the bricks where the wall has fallen down…

I also need an advice… I am thinking of put a black primer (acktualy dark gray because i dont have black) on evrything, and mybe go to prehighlite the hole thing with withe or brite gray… Than lightly airbrush the colours on…

What do you think?



Looking good! I usually try to keep options open as long as possible – generally it’s much easier to start too light (and gradually darken various areas as necessary) than starting too dark and trying to make it lighter. Looking at photos of the real thing always helps. So I’d go with a light primer, then establish the different colour(s) of the walls, pavement, cobbles etc also in light tones. Then I think you’ll find the diorama will start “talking back” to you and telling you what needs modifying :tumbler_glass:

I might also suggest that before you go too far with the rubble in the street that you layout and decide exactly where the tank will be. Then protect those long, rectangular areas with tape so that one you place to tank it won’t shows spaces and gaps under the tracks.

Once glued down, you can add some final, fine rubble bits along the edges of the tracks to create the appearance that it is sitting down hard and heavy.

SdAufKla’s idea is the logic . You don’t want to get far into it and find yourself unable to undo something . Dio dry fit rules .
Your work so far looks great and I’m glad to see someone using one of those texture rollers and how it turned out .

First step in priming done… This was the easy one… Now i wil aply white colour, to achive a kind of black an white technic… Hope it will work

Thanks for the comments… You are very kind…


Some work on the “taxi”…

In my defence, i must say that its my 2nd tank (after the sherman from Willcomen im Reich diorama- also here on Armorama)… And its the first time working with PE parts…

I think that now i must finish the tank and the figures, and prime theme like the scene… Ilearned that i must work on all the elements at the same time…



To change a litle bit, i done the figures (weapons an heades blutacked in place).

I wanted to arrange the figures on the tank. In the end i opted for 6 figures in stand of 7, because the sitting guy was to relaxed compared with others…

The last compisition… I think this is it… Tell me what do you think…

I also testplaced the tank on the scene… You wereright… I will have to cut off some rubble :grimacing:

Hi to evryone…


Nice composition. I like how the left rear soldier seems to be stepping into the unknown.


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Some progress on the tank…

I made 2 towing cables, mounted some spare tracks, a saw, a tree trunk and handles…

This side of the tank is getting buisy…

Hope you like it


Nice layout and excellent work on the tank !!
I like the " snapshot in time/freezeframe " visual of the dismounting troops !!

Beautiful composition. Did you finish this , would love to see it

Thanks for your kind words… Not finished jet… I have 2 small kids and finishing our new house… I am more in 1:1 projects now… :grin:

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Very nice built and great scene.

Guys, you are giving me an urgent need of some modelling… :rofl:

T34 primed with vallejo darkgray primer… The same stuff, as for the scene…


Great work on those tow cables. Most folks don’t realize how stiff and un-rope-like those beasts are.

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That is coming together nicely

Nice so far.

I think it’s really cool. I want to copy it.^^


No problem… Just promis me, that you will do a better job… :rofl:

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