The RM Leopard 2A6 tracks are not my cuppa; so

…where can a get a really good set of aftermarket tracks… Or explain to me just where to apply the cement so that the tracks remain flexible (working) and do not fall in love with the little jig that’s in the kit.

My advice is to use less cement and pull the track section off the jig as soon as you’ve pressed the pieces together.

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my solution: no jig, 5/0 brush, and a steady hand. Flexible tracks!!
thanks for your suggestion

Could you coat or wrap your jig in something?

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tin foil would work nicely, thats what I use.

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Finally, Here’s what works for me: a strip of double sided tape on my glass work top… Stroke the working surface with a finger until most of the stickum doesn’t have so much stick. Drop the track parts on it; as many as you wish. Then go ahead and build. The pieces don’t shift at all. Placing micro-drops of cement will not move anything thus enabling proper gluing without losing the ability of the tracks to move.