The S-Boat (mostly completed)

Almost 10 yrs in the building, after many starts, and pauses…and more pauses, finally got around to finishing it:

Criticisms? Likes? Dislikes?
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Looks good to me. I like the sea and how its been done. More frothy than you normally see, but equally more than likely how it would really look with the hint of darker water under the foam. Only thing I may of done would of been to add some spent ammo cases for the AA guns which seem to be in an engagement ? but that is only a very very minor thing … it looks really good, and importantly, it looks a used boat, … not squeaky clean …

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Hi Leo,

Congratulations, this scene looks really good! A well used boat, heading at speed with the crew clearly expecting air attack from the starboard quarter (and perhaps off the bow as well) - outstanding work!
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She is fully populated and impressive.

Great job, well worth the wait.:saluting_face:

The 2 cm mags were a sticking point. I finally found some by JK Resin in Poland, or Cz Rep. There are only a few separate mags compared to the many boxes and cases, so I will have to buy two, or more sets. I will need at least a dozen to fill the ammo rack around the bow 2 cm, and a couple more for empties around the mid-ship 2 cm. The bow gun loader will eventually have a ready mag in his hands.
I failed to mention earlier that I used most of the Griffon PE set, replaced the weapons, and made a lot of scratch-improvements for Revell’s many omissions and errors. I have yet to add those pesky ladders I was inquiring about, and add a few suitable figures as torpedo crews.
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I have to thank Grauwolf (thanks, Joe) for selling me this kit when it was no longer available anywhere :hugs:!
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Very nicely done. :beer:

Very nice job!!! I have 2 U-Boats and thinking of picking this one up also.

Might be hard to find. Save yourself a lot of headache and get 1/72 Fore Models S-38, or S-38B. Much better and more complete.
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