The strangest GAZ-AAA I have ever seen

Close match ? :roll_eyes:

Launcher, Rocket, Multiple, 10.75 Inch, T59



@barkingdigger here at Armorama made a 3D design for the parts needed to convert a CCKW kit to a fifth wheel tractor. At least I think it would work with CCKW. It is listed as a conversion to make a 4x4 tractor (G7113) from an Italeri CCKW

I I know that Dnepro model has a 2-axle 5th wheel tractor and maybe a trailer so I went to their website to get the link for that trailer and boy oh boy was I surprised:
Dnepro Model trailers/news
Page with one 2x4 Ford tractor truck and one 4x4
3 different closed trailers and at least one high sided open topped


You know, I’ve got a couple of Dnepro kits, and they look very nice! But, they have fine detail, and I already know, I’ll need to be in the right mindset to tackle them! :sweat_smile:

One kit is a 4x4 tractor that I have plans for… :smile:, and the other a panel van I’ll convert to 4x4 -



Thanks for the quality assessment.
I have my sights set on their kits, my wallet needs to recover first …

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@Frenchy Those are really neat and even better than expected. I would definitely purchase something like that in plastic.

That mine clearing trailer is exactly the sort of platform I would expect to see as an artillery weapon. Drop the trailer. Load and fire it for a while. Use the tractor to haul up ammunition. When done, pick up the trailer and move to the next spot. I guess Americans just called in air strikes for that sort of thing.

@Uncle-Heavy Those are all perfect except for being resin. Maybe something to try in the future. (Many years ago, I attempted one resin model. It did not go well.)


As far as I know, there were tractor units (fifth wheel instead of load bed) made on CCKWs and Studebakers, but the majority seen in pics are the Chevy two-axle ones. I designed the bits to convert an Italeri kit, but I also offer the fifth wheel as a separate part since the good folks at both Miniart and IBG now offer Chevy kits that need no surgery to remove the third axle.

As for the HB kits, the frame and suspension etc are good - it’s only the cab/fenders/hood that is borked. Oh, and the fuel tanker has a spurious “restoration” extension to the rear frame which then throws off the length of the bed…


At 98 Euros I’ll stick to scratching them from Evergreen…


Jobaria did:

Somehow I am reminded of this proverb:
I would rather have four vehicles, if one gets knocked out I still have the three other …
I suspect “dick measuring” was part of the design specifications for this system.
Makes one h-ll of a dustcloud when launching all of them …
firing signature visible from space …

One of the comments to the firing sequence video mentioned that it took 4 minutes for a full sequence
which is long enough to put the launcher in serious danger of counter battery fire …


@barkingdigger That all sounds great. I am not sure my patience and skills are up to a conversion project just this moment, but in a couple months, after a few more completions, it would like to try.

Thank you for also explaining about the Hobby Boss CCKWs. The earlier discussion mentioned a frame problem and I was unclear what model(s) is/are afflicted with the issue.

@Uncle-Heavy That is exactly the sort of craziness I want in a model. So…CCKW…fifth wheel hitch…flatbed trailer…a bunch of rockets…armor…more armor…more rockets…FLAME THROWERS…oh…Mad Max campaign.

Ohhhhhh. I wonder if a fifth wheel hitch would work on an M4 High Speed Tractor, replacing the ammo box. An M4 hauling a trailer with 100 Typhoon rockets would be awesome.

Edit: I am moving my questions unrelated to this topic to a different discussion.


The Studebaker tractor was called US6-U6.Some were used by the British forces, like this one:

More info and pics :



A few more CCKW semitrailer tractors
I do not know if any of these are from WW II or if the fifth wheel was added later.

I do wonder how much this one was used …

The bolster truck carried pontoons, actual WW II usage:
GMC Vehicles - WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force scroll down a bit

Refueler for B-17 bombers: This 1943 GMC CCKW Survivor Was Used To Refuel B-17 Bombers in WW2, It Still Runs - autoevolution

Purchased and rebuilt after WW II by the Swedish Air Force (some kind of workshop truck)

Note the new cabin, Sweden is cold in the winter so enclosed cabs are almost mandatory.