The Tamiya 1/48 231

Was the entire undercarriage the same German Grey as the rest of the vehicle?

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I tried to find reference to the Sd.kfz 231’s under carriage color with no luck. I think it’s probably reasonable to think it was a dark grey. Most photos of finished models I came across what I could see of the under carriage the builder used the same color as the vehicle. All of the period photos are difficult to determine as the under carriage is usually covered in dirt and dust.
Some further photos-


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Which pigments do you prefer for weathering?

I’m pretty much old school, I use pastel sticks, and pigment powders I’ve had forever from the long defunct Model Maker Products.


If you want the best pigments on the market, for the best value, go to the people who invented them - Bragdon Enterprises
These guys give you 4 times the amount of pigment for the money that the other guys do, and they are finer ground and adhere better. Their colors will cover any weathering situation. They’ve been producing the best pigments since the early 80’s.

Oh, and yes, the underside and running gear of a 231 is Panzer Grey.

Thanks. Which brush do you use for them?

I use a #2 round that I cut short about halfway.

What size do you use for washes?

For overall washes I use a 6mm flat. For pin washes I use a 00 round.

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