The Ukrainian 6447 5247H Titan

This is basically a ‘What-if’ project like the other project I did with the M915 Trumpeter kit and burnt-out excavator. The basic kit is the Takom Ukrainian KrAZ-6446 Tractor with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Semi-Trailer. I had to shorten the chassi of both tractor and trailer to make it feasible for this particular type of design. The original trailer is capable of carry a tank but with these mods, it could carry something a little less than a tank. But again, I am playing with the idea and thought it would be something different than just the ordinary look of a kit version. And yes. The rear wheels are active. I’ve connected them with the front, so-to-speak. Otherwise it would be pretty hard pressed to move that thing around in the real world.You guys should know me by now. I don’t do normal. LOL!!!


Absolutely gorgeous work as always. But I don’t want to even think about the size of that driveshaft!

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AMAZING, simply amazing in every sense of the word. chassis modifications, added details after added details, realistic paint, and weathering so accurate to what we see all the time out in the real world, so a neophyte like me sees these pictures as is it or isn’t it a museum quality model? I really can’t be 100% sure. That’s just how good your build is.


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Not your normal driveshaft. :slight_smile:

Kindest regard Joel. Thanks.

Outstanding build in every sense, and truly unique as a kit-bash!

My only query would be real-life logistics, regarding the need for a second forklift or a short crane arm attached to the truck to remove the box before this forklift could be driven off. Even if the fork was reversed on, I don’t know whether the mast would have enough tilt or long enough tines to lift the box and drive off with it.

That’s just the ex-forklift driver in me being pedantic, it’s a sensational build!

Cheers, D

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Good point. Did not think of that. I could move the box closer to the back. Or it simply doesn’t have to be there. Appreciate your comments.

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Amazing work my friend.

Regards Jason

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I think the box looks great, it definitely adds to the story being told. Perhaps the driver could just empty it out and kick it off the side?

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Thank you kindly.

Appreciate it.