The war veteran (converted Young bust)

Just a tribute to al the veterans, like do create something else
Put the knife in this bust, cutting of some details, don’t using some parts

Just some small things to create a complete other figure.

Painted in acrylics, scale 75 colour, and artist range.


As you say Jan you changed ‘just some small things’ but the impact on the figure is striking. It really has changed it into something else entirely. You have painted it beautifully as well- the faded hat and coat work well with the check shirt and the patch on the back of the jacket is a real highlight! Did you paint the patch freehand?

Thanks Karl,
Yes it’s complete freehand, the design is from a photo on the WWW.

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Wow! I like the makeover, it really feels like a completely different figure than the original.

The checkered shirt looks amazing, can you tell us how did you manage to do this in scale? The art on the back of the coat is absolutely stunning. Well done!


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Looks great and love the plaid shirt. :+1::+1:

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Thank you,
It’s just practice, start with red, bring on the high lights and shadows in to the red,
make the black stripes and as last paint the white ones.

Don’t be disappointed when it’s not good at the first time, starting over is a part of the learning process.
For Churchill I have practiced more than a week on a peace of paper before the first lines on the figure.
Everyone just need to have the courage to try it out.