Thinner for Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous


Does anyone know if you can thin Mr. Hobby Aqueous with either Mr. Color or Tamiya lacquer thinner.



I’ve thinned Gunze Aqueous with their Mr Thinner and Mr Leveling Thinner, as well as plain old isopropyl alcohol. (Don’t wanna call it IPA, because to me, that is a type of beer)

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Mr Levelling Thinner works very well with it. My favourite thinner for that and Tamiya.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried Mr. Leveling thinner before and it came out with a glossy finish (I am looking for more of a flat finish). Could be I am doing something wrong though.

most of the Gunze Aqueous are produced in a semi-gloss finish therefore this could be the reason for a gloss-like finish. I use methylated spirits for thinning Mr hobby and Tamiya acrylics with no problems.

Thanks, I actually forgot about that. I am using their Russian 4BO green which says it is flat.

Also, I have been using Mr. Color with Tamiya and have been getting the semi-gloss finish. It is weird because I did not have that problem in the past as the finish came out flat.

I haven’t tried it with Gunze Aqueous, but I’ve used lacquer thinner with Tamiya, and achieved the most dead flat finish possible with those paints using that combination. Perhaps you may want to mix test, then if it works, airbrush Gunze Aqueous thinned with lacquer thinner. The two paints are similar in performance and properties.

Thanks Carlos. What is the thinning ratio you use-paint to thinner?

I usually start with a 1 part thinner to 2 or 3 parts paint and adjust ratios from there. It’s very much eyeball it until I get a pattern and line consistency that I need for the session.

That makes sense. Thanks Carolos.

You’re welcome. Good luck with it. Just remember to try the mix in a safe container first to make sure it doesn’t turn to goo before running it thru your airbrush.