This is great!

I am loving this new site Jim! Congratulations on moving Kitmaker Network forward several generations! This is so much faster and simpler. The photo direct uploading is especially sweet. Also being able to see what’s going on on the whole network at once, like buttons, and all the posting options are wonderful. Excellent job here Jim, I just hope we can get all the guys to get over here! Once they do (and let’s hope they take the discobot tutorial) they’re going to all jump into this fast. I don’t know why they’re all not here already.


Agreed, it is a huge leap forward… And again, another thank you to Jim. Well done… The exodus will happen soon…


I’m here now, joined the original in 2006. I don’t post a lot but I always check out the sites.
This new one will take some adjustment time for sure. But I welcome the change.
Cheers everyone!


Welcome Mark, glad to see you and a few others coming over now. Agreed, it will take some time to get use to how this operates, but I think people will love it once they get the hang.


Jim and Robin,

A small issue I’ve noticed is that for instance in this thread I can not see anyone’s screen name. I can see their nationality flags (if they have one) and whatever they post, but that’s it.

Hi Jeff,
Discourse, the underlying code for ths forum, has implemented a sort of learning curve.
A new user has access to a very basic set of features, as you go along more and more will open up.
There are online tutorials to instruct new users, usually in the form of message exchanges with Discobot. The Discobot will give you small assignments to test different features and when you have completed these I think that new features will open up. Taking part, posting, replying et.c also increases your trust level.