Thoughts on a ME 109E in 1/32 scale

There are several ME109E’s in 1/32 on the market. Thoughts or preferences?

I built the Dragon E-4 and liked it.


I saw a cyber hobby and an Eduard kit (older kits) and the Eduard had rivets on the fuselage and the cyber hobby did not. A friend of mine said he was reading about a newer kit where they were using slide molding to hide many of the common seam locations. We were looking at the Cyber hobby and Eduard kits at the time and I thought he was talking about the Me109E but, maybe not.

I’m not that familiar with the 1/32 kits but Dragon recently announced a new tooled 109 E in 1/48 with features you mentioned. The fuselage is a single piece and the wings are joined in such a way to conceal the joints between the top and bottom.

Rats, I was so hoping that would be in 1/32nd scale.

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I thought the Eduard kits were very nice. Surface detail not quite up to what they’re doing now, but certainly nothing to turn up your nose at!


Between the two kits I was looking at (Cyber Hobby and Eduard) the Edward kit looked to be the best. The surface detail was more detailed, it came with a painted dash and canopy masks. In the past this would have sealed the deal between the two kits however I saw where some kits were not so accurate on the surface detail so I was going to try and find saome walkaround photo’s of the E model just to confirm the kits accuracy.

I went with the Dragon/Cyber Hobby as that was considered the best of the bunch.

Only the Dragon. Good detailing and equipment. It has no critical geometry problems and is similar to the prototype

I’m just starting a Trumpeter 1:32 Messerschmitt this upcoming week. I also have a Masterbox 1:32 Luffwaffe pilots and ground crew member for a little diorama. As for after market pieces I have a resin pilot seat from Barracuda Cast. The seat just came in today. And im just waiting on my model knife to come in on Friday.

So…Thoughts on the kit?

Hey, I haven’t touch the airplane yet. But I’m working on the pilots and ground crew now. Now I’m waiting on the post man to deliver my paints and Kubelwagen, for my diorama. The Kubelwagen will be 1940 era with German Grey with Luffwaffe markings. This model is perfect for Battle of Britain diorama.

Your thoughts Sir and Ma am