Thread not connecting

Does anyone else ever get it where they cannot connect to a thread ?
It only happens very occasionally when I use my work desktop PC. Yesterday I was going into the ethical model building thread, made a post, which was fine, and then after several other replies from others, I was unable to get back into the thread. I just get the working circle of the snake chasing its tail…
The same thing happened today with the “Improvised turret top protection” - I could not get into the thread, and get the snake chasing its tail continuously.
Using my phone is fine and i can access both with no problem, its only on my desk top …
any Tech wizards know why ?

Not an issue I have encountered bud and so cannot help with your issue.

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its not a drama, just thought it a bit weird as everything works fine when I use the phone. Gotta love gremlins haha

I have experienced something similar occasionally, sometimes when posting a new post or when editing one of my own posts.
I just copy the content of the post, reload the page from scratch and start over.
Maybe it is some timing-related issue with the database containing all the posts and topics?

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Will check it out. :+1: