Three Amigos: Takom, Tamiya & Dragon Neo - Panzer IIIN build log

Wade after following you and several others I realize I will never come to the beautiful work that you and some others do. My painting skills are seriously lacking especially now that I turned 70 yrs old. VBG.
Just great to read and see the projects you do.


Randy, thank you. That’s very kind. There’s a lot of fantastic talent on the forum. It’s been a great place to find information, inspiration and make new friends!

If I can paint it, I think everyone can paint it too. Zero artist ability here but found a few techniques that work.

Regarding paint, I’ll try to do a step by step soon with the process used on this Pz III. It was painted with a Paasche H single action external mix airbrush with #1 tip is straight forward.


Wade, hands down you’re one of the best, if not THE best armour modeller currently gracing this forum in both construction & painting. Most of all I admire your instinct for scale-colour i.e. fading, and yes I’d like to see an SBS of the IIIN paint job to learn some new sorcery. (PS before you take it to a show & win first prize just check the tracks, the starboard rear seems to be floating above the return roller :anguished: :upside_down_face:)


Tim, thank you for the kind words.There so much talent on the forum! Many better builders than myself. I need to learn to solder brass, resin mold with more than a 10% yeild etc to round out my build skills. I like painting so can do OK with the old school airbrushes like the Paasche H or VL or Iwata Micron B.

I appreciate the comments on color selection. Most of what’s right is picking quality paint to use. Floquil Military Colors (xylol power babe!) or Floquil Railroad (tolune-xylol). AK Real & Gunzy w/Mr.Color Leveling Thinner are very close. However, Floquil cut w/Mr.Color Leveling Thinner is next level tasty in Wade’s World :earth_americas:.

Thank you for spotting the magically levitating track on the return roller. Screwing the model down to the base is probably when that went wrong. Part of the reason why I absolutely HATE all link & length tracks. Anyway, I should have been aware and caught that.

I think adding one more section of skirt to hide the roller may be my best solution. Securing the link & length section to the roller will probably back the links off of the idler. Seldom an issue with workable etc.

A sheet of burnished & weathered PE unpainted skirt might add a nice contrasting exposed weathered metal look. I’ll have plenty of time to explore solutions as I’ll be back in North Carolina for the next month or so.

Cargo…cause some more shelf queens need beat into shape.

I’d planned to work on this Centaur and strip it but misplaced my stripper. (Paint)

I hate losing a good stripper (j/k)

On the roll w/the humor today…

My wife told me, I need to wash my nasty coffee :coffee: cup.

I told her the cup was an artistic weathering experiment for doing a new Coffee wash.

She told me, I wasn’t half as CLE-ver as I thought I was and to wash the GD cup.

Cheers :beers:


Hah I should talk, oddly enough levitating tracks has been my blind spot too – infuriating, and always only noticed AFTER final photography. I dunno, surely a dot of cyano on the roller would fix it, I can’t imagine it would buckle the track elsewhere – especially if you could slightly sag the track between the roller & idler by bending it with something wedged between the track & mudguard while the glue totally dried. That used to be my solution anyway. Except once when that end of the guard pinged out.

Yeah I know we’ve covered strippers in another thread recently – or should that be uncovered? As someone (Oscar Wilde?) nearly said, to lose one stripper is unfortunate, to lose two strippers is just careless.


I know this is an old thread but wanted to comment that my Takom StuG III G w/Winterketten (No. 8010) exhibits the same ill fitting and ill molded issues you’ve mentioned here.




Thank you, George.

It looks like we have a new player in the 1/35 Pz III arena from Border per Scalemates.

Given how badly received the error riddled Border Stug III proved on Missing Lynx amongst the Experten & Aficionados, I’ll pass on the Border Pz III family. If it gets good build reviews threads from modelers in the know on the Pz III family, that purchased the kit(s) out of pocket, I might try one.

The recent Border clown :clown_face: show with Sherman makes me very skeptical of Border.


This is an interesting thread, worth reading.

Missing Lynx - Border-Model: pz-bef-wg-iii-ausf-k-2in1-

This is a fascinating post…

Definitely provides an explanation of why the Takom “Blitz” Pz III ausf N was seemingly released in such a haphazard state, sucked so badly and disappointed :disappointed:


Great. I hope that a real Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K will be built from Border’s model.
The Dragon model needs a lot of work.


From the sound of things about Border, that may not be a good thing, unfortunately for us.




Yep, the Border Panzer IIIK has already been sited on ML for dimensional errors and missing details. Personally, I have steered clear of Border Models entirely. The half dozen or so I have gotten to examine myself, plus online sources, lead me to believe that Border’s models are [poor] copies of other manufacturer’s models. I have no concrete proof of this, just my sneaking suspicion.

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Well said, Matt.

Other than Border’s initial Pz IV kits, I decided to pretty much avoid all Border products due to their various issues.

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