Throwback in threads

For the last few days whenever I click on a thread it pops me onto the latest post then hurls me back several days in the thread to posts seen well before. Is anyone else having this problem?

FWIW I use Firefox on a Mac and it tells me it is up-to-date…

Been doing it to me as well, I figured it was my phone’s browser.

Cajun :crocodile:

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Same problem here. Also running Firefox on a Mac.

It’s not just Apple products. I’m running Firefox in Windows 10 on a Lenova laptop and have the same problem.

It’s only happening on threads I’m “Tracking” and link to from the “Unread” page.

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Anybody have a fix?

I did an update to the software a day or two ago. No one noticed any change to this issue I take it?

I can report the issue to the devs and see what they say if so.


Reading this, I tried updating my browser and then revisiting a couple of threads, and I observe no change - it throws me back, in a couple of cases several months.

I notice this happens when I read in the Discourse app, which is how I usually read.

I haven’t had this issue, at least not that I noticed.
Maybe once but I might have clicked the wrong link and got the initial post
instead of the last one.
I always (see above for possible exception) come to the first post that I haven’t read yet.

Using Firefox on a regular computer, logged in directly to Kitmaker (no social media in between)

I’ve also had the intermittent throwback using Chrome on a desktp pc. And while I’m here does anyone else get this equally intermittent issue, where the text goes weird?

I can usually cure it by scrolling up/down, but I haven’t worked out what triggers it – usually a lot of images in one post but it’s not consistent.

Phew, I thought it was me just getting the throwback issue… And it’s still happening by the way :+1:

Also been getting the throwbacks.

Me too - and it’s getting a bit wearing folks!

The problem seems to have gone away for me now.

Yup - me too - well done IT Ninjas.

I spoke too soon…

I was living in hope then… Until another thread threw me back 25 posts lol…

Likewise, thrown back about 10 posts in the Takom turret thread just now :thinking:

(and also got corrupted text again in this very thread)

Yeah, cancel my last - now reverted to “hunt the thread” mode.

My son called me a throwback once, I was so proud :gorilla: