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New Bergepanzer Hetzer with 2cm Flak from Thunder Model

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Is it correct to call this a Bergepanzer?

A Flakpanzer yes, but a Berge???

There is no winch, there is no anchor plow. Not really a recovery vehicle. Sorry LZ.

I wonder how it compares with the Dragon kit?

A Bergepanzer 38(t) was converted to make the first prototype of the 15 cm s.I.G 33/2 (Sf) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t), so I can easily see a Bergepanzer 38(t) hull being used for the conversion. Doing a bit of digging, a page on describes this vehicle as being a one-off prototype converted from a Bergepanzer 38(t) hull, abandoned by its crew at the end of the war near Prague, then taken into Czechoslovak service. That page links to a page on (page in Slovak).

Note that the Bergepanzer III, Bergepanzer IV and several variants of the Bergepanther did not have winch nor spade so yes, this could be called Bergehetzer.
As pointed by Sean above, it was a Bergepanzer 38(t) with a Flak gun added, and as you can see on this photo it retained the crane so even with the gun, it remains a Bergepanzer:

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I was totally opposed to your point of view until you pointed out that it is/was still carrying its’ stiff legged, jib crane. (As does the Thunder model.) So I concede. I will now quietly retire from this discussion.

I can’t say I know dollars from donuts or shinola from the other stuff, but if everything shown in the drawings actually shows up in the kit, it is definitely not a rebox of the Dragon kit. It looks like it could be interesting. The Dragon kit, which I built, seemed like the base vehicle was somewhat dated. On the other hand, I’ve never built a Thunder Model kit. It seems like another roll of the dice, but one I may take.

No, it is not related to Dragon kit. In fact it is derived from an LZ Models resin conversion.
I built the Thunder Model Bergehetzer on which this new kit is based and it was nice, good detail and good fit.

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