Thyra - Female Viking (75 mm) from Aradia

Aradia Miniatures announced new figurine:
Thyra - Female Viking
Scale: 75 mm
Material: resin


Hmmm… the sword looks too much like a Roman Gladius of the Mainz (or also Fulham) type, and had been out of use for almost 1,000 years before the Viking era. Viking swords tended to be longer with parallel sides. The figure could be a fantasy female warrior.
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I agree with that. She look like what a 15 years old boy thinks of a “Viking” female


Except that when I fantasize about Viking Shield Maidens, they’re not wearing Bjorn Ironside’s hair style.

Or King Harald.


She’ll get frost bite with that ‘armour’ :grin:

Clearly taking her wardrobe hints from Conan as played by the Governator…

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Now you’re talking :wink::

:scream: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_head_bandage:
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I thought, never mind…



This is a valkyrie, out of the Wagner Opera.

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She gets around… This figure is also descrribed as “Thyra”:

And she has LOTS of pals:

Cushy Butterfield?

Her Mother

Her Aunt

Her Big Sister

She look like what a 15 years old boy thinks of a “Viking” female

No, that would be:



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Tyr is the norse god of war. Maybe “Thyra” is his sister-in-arms?

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