Tie fighter

First post on the new site so I guess this is a test too. Some pix of my Tie fighter against some backgrounds off the net.


Welcome aboard. Nice build, which kit? The backgrounds add a nice touch.

Thanks; it’s the Bandai 1/76th.

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Welcome, nice model. What colors did you use? I’ve got to build mine someday. Any tips for this kit?
Don “Lakota”

Welcome! Very nice build, adding the background is a nice touch!

Thanks; I only use Tamiya acrylics; don’t remember which specific colours I’m afraid. I don’t have any particular tips either as I don’t make many sci-fi models and just made this straight out of the box and didn’t have any issues along the way.

Hee Hee, THAT looks seriously awesome!

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Thanks; the photography was dead easy to set up too.


Nice tie fighter. I did the finemolds one many a year ago, and used the pentagon decal too! Tamiya sky grey xf19 was my choice for the main colour, very similar looking to what you achieved. There is a feature in the old model geek somehwhere.

Thanks. You know, I could be mistaken; it could be the Fine Molds version now that I think of it (I’ve long since tossed the box), but I think I actually just used Tamiya rattle can primer for the main colour!


That is super cool

Sorry for the very late reply; haven’t been on here for ages; thanks a lot.

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