Tiger 1 - 13./Panzerregiment Grossdeutschland 1943

Dragon 6950 Tiger 1 - Early Production, RFM tracks, ET Model PE with Aber Smoke dischargers and Archer Fine Transfers flag. Eureka cables. The rear stowage box is scratch-built and the balkankruez and numbers stencilled on.


Cool, was this a model of a specific tank?

Yes. It was my interpretation of GD s40, see photo.

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Nicely done. Looks like some very tidy etch work going on!

That’s really good! Just a couple of things are askew;


  • The wire actually came out here. The sensible place.

  • You didn’t remove the lugs for the Befehls antenna tube. The instructions do cover that.


Thanks David. I was struggling to see how the cables routed. I used Hilary Doyle’s 1998 plan as my guide, see the photo. It did seem illogical as they would have to disconnect the s-mine thrower to open the deck.

Re befehls; thanks, I’ll sort that. Instructions? Hmmm, maybe I should start reading them? :blush:

Thanks. I love a bit of photo-etch but I am the world’s worst solderer. Making up the s-mine throwers from flat pieces was a real challenge! :angry:

That is a nice looking Tiger and interesting way the markings were done on this…Great all around!


Excellent paint job, camo and weathering!

Very nicely done. Great build and finish !

I have 3 Tigers in my stash and really need to do one. The last one I did was the old Tamiya kit when it first came out lol!

How do you make the recognition flag please, tried doing one, now I need another, like to know how you do it

It was a piece of cake. Just follow the instructions here
My flag is single-sided so it was even easier to do.

The actual flag is AR35008.2

I then moulded it into shape on the stowage box and once I was happy with it glued it in place with PVA glue. I then airbrushed on a coat of acrylic matt varnish and weathered it using a mix of acrylics and oil paints as per the Tiger.

Well done! What references do you use?


Thanks. My primary reference was Tigers in Combat I by Schneider and D.W. to Tiger I by Jentz and Doyle for the technical side as well as David Byrden’s Tiger1.info website.

Great! Thank you.