Tiger 1 F13 from gruppe fehrmann color

Why does the color of the F13 varry so much between interpretation? sometimes, it’s full white like the F02, then red with white outline, yellow or even green, and I wonder your opinion about that as I remember someone stating that a testimony give it the color red

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This is the best info I’ve seen on a F13 build. Night Shift - Tiger F13

here’s the testimony on the F13 color, I do agree with nighshift on the color scheme, although for the running gear and gun, it’s speculative, same with zimmerit on the gun mantlet and the other side of the tank(+part of the zimmerit of the hull could’ve come off due to the fight the tank was in or time) Fehrmann Tiger F13 colour debate - Missing-Lynx

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@sgeorges4 Aurelien, thanks for sharing that link it’s a good read. Whenever I get around to doing F13 or one of the other Tiger’s in that group definitely will kept this in mind and favor Fred Hawkins comments on color.