Tiger 1 reference library questions

I am interested in purchasing a couple of books on the tiger 1 (limited budget) and was wondering what book you would start with? Please do not reference tiger 1 info as I always check it out prior to builds (alot of times prior to purchases) I love using you fine folks as a sounding board during builds.

Thanks for any suggestions



Uve fiest Tiger book or Spielbergers

For the technical part, I would start with Jentz&Doyle:

And for Operational history, Wolfgang Schneider two volumes:

Although hard to get, I still recommend Achtung Panzer Vol. 6


This, what Carlos posted, very much so!

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+1 on @varanusk recommendations. There are many, many more options, but start with “Germany’s Tiger Tanks D.W. et al.”

Thanks guys really appreciate the suggestions - Carlos thanks for the suggestions and links


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I own the first three books suggested by Carlos and they are very good. Also make sure to visit David Byrdan’s website, Tiger1.info. He is an expert on the Tiger I and provides detailed commentary on making available models more accurate.

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While hard to find these days and often over priced, these two are outstanding building blocks for Tiger reference and model building in my experience.

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The Jentz books mentioned are outstanding as well.