Tiger I and Panther Zimmerit Question

I got a Tamiya Panther G early kit out of the stash Im going to take a crack at. For Zimmerit Id like to use the Tamiya sheets that are avaliable. Are they easy to use? Are there any videos showing how to use them? Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

This is the Tamiya Tiger I (with some Dragon parts thrown in to improve the detail) with the Tamiya Zimmerit Stickers applied.

And here she is with paint applied


More photos here:
Tiger I Late Production (Tamiya 1/35 with upgrades from the spares box) - General Discussions - KitMaker Network

They were relatively easy to apply (they’re stickers) - but I did have difficulty with getting them to lie down over irregular surfaces or curves. The pattern is also a bit shallow and uniform. If you’re looking for alternatives, DEF model’s zimmerit sheets are water-based decals + resin hybrid and look pretty great. They’re also cheaper than ATAK zimmerit (at least here where I live) - but the latter might look more convincing.


Looks really good. I assume they are pre cut and just press onto the desired surface.

Used Tamiya sticker Zimmerit on this Pz IV H.

Had to be cut out, stuck on, film edge trimmed in some cases. Likewise a film edge will lift and require being glue down occasionally. A new #11 scalpel blade gave best results cutting the Tamiya film in my experience.

Overall it will fit pretty well if care is taken cutting it out. A steel straight edge really helped.

After some paint…

In weathering process.

The Cavalier & ATAK resin sheet products are better in my experience.