Tiger I, Leningradfront. 1/35

Built this Dragon kit a good while ago, partly winter coated. Mounted on an original Tiger I vision block.

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Great looking model. Love that it’s on an original Tiger vision block. Very clever. The toppled bucket of paint is a nice touch. Very well done.

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Thank you very much:)

So where did you come up with a Tiger 1 vision block?

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I got the block through one of my contacts. I am dealing in militaria and am also metal detecting so one tend to build a network of people who can have very interesting items:)

Do you actually know it’s from a Tiger? Because it’s a standard part for the Panzer IV, Tiger and I think other tanks.


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that looks fabulous, well done indeed

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The site where it was found,together with several other Tiger parts found together with it indicates that it is yes:)

I love the display! That is highly original!


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Very nice.

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thats a good model! really adds some touch with the spilled can.

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