Tiger II Cutaway with Crew | Armorama

LOL, how else do you expect me to react? Damn you’re good at this! There’s a few of you guys that are really talented and post some splendid builds!
Shucks! Next time time how about posing the crew fighting over the last can of sourkraut just to relieve my anxieties of being a second rate modeler, okay? Help a brother out man. :hugs:

Cajun :crocodile:


Yes beautiful job all around and the figs are excellent. I’ve seen a few cutaway models over the years but never any crewmen- this is excellent!



Terrific job! The paint job is perfect and I like the way you presented the cut-away with that partial piece of track. I built one like this years ago using the Tamiya Henschel Tiger II with interior parts “borrowed” from the Academy Tiger I kit as nothing as fine as the current full-interior kits existed at that time. While understandably biased I feel that the model finished-up quite well and while I used figures on mine as well (mainly modified Dragon figures) the figures you used are really well-suited to the model. My only complaint about the Stalingrad figure set lies in the homely faces that they sculpted; surely not every tanker looked like Herman Munster! Now I need to pull one of my Takom full-interior kits out and see exactloy how these kits stack-up!

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Thank you very much. I entirely agree on the Stalingrad figures, their head sculpts are pretty odd looking at times. Same with some of their body sculpts. The tiger crew ones are excellent but i was looking at their sturmtiger crew and some of the crew member sculpts seem very lanky and with rather oddly shaped heads.

I like it a lot. Never tried to do cutaway model as I prefer to scale down real tanks but your job inspired me to give a try.



Beautiful build! Glad you opted not to do the figs in cutaway as well :rofl: