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Two Tiger II in Ambush (Hinterhalt) camouflage, but with a different camo pattern and weathering effects:

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Very well done. I like both KT’s very much.

Very well done! Love the painting and weathering. Very realistic and convincing!

What paints did you use? They laid down very well…

Many thanks Armor Buff

Hello Buddy, I thank your kind comments. About your question:

King Tiger 003:
Humbrol 120 matt light green
Humbrol 103 matt cream
White Ensign Models WEMCC ACSM11 modern soviet/russian brown

King Tiger 223:
Humbrol 94 matt brown yellow + Humbrol 22 white
Humbrol 160 german red brown
Humbrol 30 matt dark green

Cheers from Brazil