Tiger in the Streets

Hello all, new to the group but not Armored modeling. Recently got back into it after 10 or so years away. Here’s my recent dio made after the long break.


Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the forum. Looks to me like 10 years off didn’t have any negative effect on your skills and ability. The Tiger is good looking. I don’t know that a Tiger roaming the streets of a damaged German city/town late in the war would still be wearing the dark grey but I’m no expert.
I really like the debris and building section. Is the building section a kit? If so, who makes it? Looks kinda like Miniart but I can’t really tell.
A really nice diorama and pretty spectacular considering it’s your first attempt after all that time.


It is in fact mini art , never made one so I figured I’d give it a go! Lost of tweaking and filling but went pretty easy. And as for the lay off and skills not fading much , that’s because of lots of YouTube videos I watched off and on over the years. Many new technologies and techniques have came around since then as well as some oldies but goodies.

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That looks amazing! Great job!

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