Tiger model Leopard 2 revolution WIP

After finishing MENGs Leopard 2A4 recently, I figured why noy finish another Leopard 2 based shelf queen.
Got the kit from model show in late spring 2019 and as usual started building it, even managed to paint it and then it stalled in early summer.
Mounted Leopard club Rh-120 L/55 on it back then too.
What I ended up with was botched paintjob and unbuilt tracks.

Anyway, i started with tracks, airbrush was out of action anyway…it was fun

Easy to see why camo needed redoing

As airbrush is running again, it was time to paint it, had quite a few ideas but finally settled on base tank being green and extra armour tan with camo netting and such as additional.

Also added TC from Miniart, it being fictional some liberty on uniform was taken.

I’m by no means great figure painter, but still rather happy with it.

The more or less current state.

And prep for camouflage mounting.



And another days worth of work done.
Lights and optics save for periscopes painted and mounted, some chipping done (first time only brush), gloss coat and wash done.

Some work was done on TC aswell, drybrushing and wash with oils.

And with camo netting added to main gun, net being from Tetra modelworks.

Took a bit of experimenting to see how it worked best - soaking it in water makes it easier to mount as it’s not as stiff, then once dry applied diluted white glue on it to fix in place and hold shape better.



Love it!. I have a brace of those in the stash (Revoloution I & II) so this is an encouragement to dig one of them out and get on with it.

Nice! How did you find the tetra set?

Found it for sale at modellbau König, due to some issues missed out on green one that was 2x the size.

Thanks, but I meant the quality of the net.

Oh, right! My bad.

It is very tough for what it is, no need to be extremely delicate.
Due to toughness it takes lot of stretching to give it the proper look - painting it seems to reduce the effort required.
As said before, it softens in water and is eaier to apply as wet. That makes soaking it in diluted white glue feasible and even preferred as it will keep the shape it had as wet.

The size of net pattern seems tad overscale, compared to what i have seen and used in 1/1 scale. However, it seems to be made out of similat material, slightly rubbery with white fibers in it just smaller than real one.

Hope this helps, Karl.

Thank you Karl! I was just made aware of this product.

Quick update
Original idea for camo didn’t work so went with plan B
Rebuilt RWS as the kit one felt too futuristic and simple

And the new RWS, utilising some parts from original.

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Had another update week ago but spreading em out a bit, will get to work on it next weekend.

Went ahead with original plan of tank being brought back from overseas and then hastily camouflaged, in late winter/spring setting.

Used pics of some M1A2’s that were deplyed to Estonia couple years for inspiration.
Camo net may be redone though, too tan.

The redone RWS, again

Got tracks painted, added tow cables and antennas.

And winter got cancelled…

Got it more or less finished this weekend, not quite happy with wheels though.
Slat was scrapped, idea is that it’s operating in wooded environment so it’d get mangled pretty easily.