Tiger Model Shmel-class patrol boat

Not sure how to take this, a most surprising release It’s 1/35, but a ship…
Shmel-class patrol boat by Tiger.


Being in service with Russian and Ukrainian Navies, it gives some intersting perspectives these days.

Not a small kit, being 770mm in length. And I think these ships were involved in some incidents in the Asov Sea most recently. Depending on the price tag, it is interesting because of the painting options.

Tiger did the 1/35 CB90 a few years ago, seems 1/35 ships are there naval thing.

New boat.

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1/72 would have been a much more manageable and convenient scale! :thinking:
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Oh good, I can put my old Testors “box set” to good use.

I wish they would continue that line w/the US Navy version; the RCB (Riverine Command Boat).

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Would have definitly more sales that the “exotic” Greek/Malysia and Swedish

Interesting kit and very appealing. I might have to get one. As for the other one, l have been waiting for the American version. Surprisingly not released yet. This should surely be where the profit lies.

Regards Jason

Seriously, this just looks like an RC boat in a dirty pond somewhere.