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The new Tiger Model kit is a 1/35 Russian Army T-90M MBT.

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I believe this is a derivative of Tiger Models T-90MS.
I assume the M model will be the Russian army version. I held off the export version hoping the Russian non export version would soon follow, so I look forward to this kit.
I am not sure when the Russians finalized the M version though.

Yeah this looks like a nice one. Might have to break open the vault lol. I have the zvezda kit….

What are your thoughts on the Zeveda kit?

I have this one waiting to build …

I have not seen this kit in person. Is the molding sharp or on the soft side?

Sorry I didn’t respond right away to your question Greg, the end of my day yesterday became very hectic. I haven’t started building this kit yet ; I bought it two years ago. Didn’t realize that it came out in 2011 or 12 or something like that. It’s my first zvezda kit. I’ve looked at the sprues a number of times and I think it’s a very well detailed model. It does have about 700 or so parts, many for the turret but link and length track which look very good. I haven’t measured it at all for accuracy, I never do, but I’ve compared it to drawings in a couple of references and it looks very close. I think this kit ( 3573) is the welded turret version. I haven’t researched it very much because there a few different versions of it. And I don’t have any of the other kits from trumpeter, meng or tiger models to compare it to. I’ve read several build reviews of it and all seem to rate it from very good to excellent. Some are gravitating towards the meng kit over the zvezda but I don’t remember why. Cookie Sewell did a build review of it as have others and they all seem pretty much the same. There are a couple of fiddly bits but fit is very good. Didn’t realize that the hull can be used for a T-72 as long as you remove the 2nd shock absorbers. Very interesting. I might purchase one of the others to compare them… but overall it looks excellent to me.

Thanks for the look. The T90 is basically a modified T-72 so the hull similarity makes perfect sense.
I read that after the many video’s of exploding T-72 during Desert Storm, sales of the tank dropped.
Instead of making a T-72 ABC they changed designations as a way to get sales back up.

Yes and apparently the zvezda kit is a mix of 3 versions according to a Russian guy who worked at one of their testing sites. He had a blog site and was not kind about his review of the kit. Zvezda didn’t have a great reputation at least for its early armor kits but this was supposed to be a breakthrough kit for them. I have a figure set from them which is pretty nice but that was it til I bought their Kamaz truck . It’s very nice too.
I think the latest version of T-90 finally moved the ammo storage area to behind the turret as is the case with most western modern MBTs. There are a number of T-90s out there from the various manufacturers. More than I thought.

My 50 cents: Zvezda’s recent mouldings are absolutely cracking. Good fit (I’ve built their T-90 and have their SPG Koalitsya on my bench) link & length tracks with sag built in and good detail. I don’t have an opinion on accuracy (some folk think they’re mixing up versions yet they’re still a Russian company with good access to real ones I guess…) The only thing still subpar is the engines grilles (plastic to be cut to shape) any basic photoetched material will look better (by the way Tamiya still does the same thing offering PE as aftermarket parts with quite steep prices…)

Yeah that seems to be the consensus on their latest kits. The engine grill issue was what I read about the most as far as let downs.