Tiger Models is still alive! New kits coming



Release date 4/8/23


Brilliant news. I was holding off on the Tamiya Leclerc for this reason - i’ll be having that and the new Leo. Love their work.

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Tamiya and Tiger Model do not make the same model. Tamiya is the middle production series while TM is supposedly the late production. From the sprue pictures around TM did a good but not a perfect job. We’ll see when the production model kits are released.



Nice!! :slight_smile:

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Check this out for the leopard ii revolution ii, a four in one kit…

That 140mm cannon is a show stopper!


Thank goodness. I will still be able to buy their VBLs and AMX-10RCs. Something going right for a change.

Still hoping for an AMX-10P from them.


This is good news; their stuff is pretty good and interesting.

I too would covet an AMX 10P; I might delay buying the resin one mentioned in another thread!


Can’t have enough leopard models


All of the new Tiger items - the LeClerc, Leopard II and Shmel Patrol Boat, along with the re-release of the CB-90 are up for pre-order at Hobby Easy.


I was wondering about them I enjoyed the CCV.

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Apparently there are (were) two Tiger Models . . https://tigermodeldesigns.com/
. . . I’ve wanted to order from this one since the Covid calamity but haven’t been able to get any kind of response.

Cajun :crocodile:

As stated on the website they have closed.

Yes, that is a recent addition (to me), it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to their website. Before the notice was posted, browsing their product line was easy enough but the cart was dysfunctional, at least that was my experience. Too bad, they had some nice AM bits for Sherman models, I wanted a couple of cupolas to back date DML’s M48 AVLB.

Cajun :crocodile:

The 130/140mm gun versions are for our hard-core what-if friends who don’t care about physics. :joy:

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So I need to order 4 of them …

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“The Leopard 2 has historically always used the Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore main gun called the L44. This was upgraded on some vehicles to the longer L55. A 140mm smoothbore was also trialled, but not put into service”

By trialled I assume that it worked, on a technical level, but wasn’t considered an operational improvement. Why punch 140 mm holes if 120 mm will do the work (not exactly true since the sub caliber APFSDS has a smaller diameter)

Not to mention, why go to 140mm when 130 achieves the same result, too. And is easier to man-handle ammo in the confines of the turret. Armor will need to increase/ improve to justify the step up to 140mm.

I’m thinking the 140mm gunned turret would look good in a ‘what if’ scenario camo like this…


aaannnd the same storage volume can hold fewer shots if the diameter of each shot is increased.
“no operational improvement”

A rudimentary version (“early prototyp”) of the 140mm gun was build-in in one of the 2nd generation PT turrets of Leopard 2 including an automatic loader, even more rudimentary. Was a part of KWS III. Middle/late 1990’s. Cancelled because of the political situation. Nevertheless, the improvement ‘of punch’ was much.
The problem is the full integration of such a gun to build a sound weapon system called MBT… balance, stabilisation, loading, …
Don’t know about Tiger Models experience on this. :wink:

Probably based on some photos