Tiger Models Update

A picture, 1000 words, etc


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Well isn’t that good news, glad to see they are still around!


Honestly thought they were dead a buried, or at the very least renamed.

Tiger Model still there ? Good news.

Hope for another modern french army vehicle kits in 1:35 scale.

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Yes, I was thinking the same…
A Griffon, anyone?


This may help.


Interestingly, the Pantsir saw combat experience and didn’t fare very well in its intended role as a SAM system. One can find and read about such true accounts online and via YouTube.

OK, so I am replying to a thread that’s more than a year old but I didn’t want to start a new thread for a related matter.
So I am hearing through a rumor mill that Tiger Model in fact did stop its operations and may not come back after all. Several well-known modelers in the East Asia I’ve talked to (including David Chou, the main modeler for AFV Club) heard that they may be in hiatus indefinitely and no one knew the reasons. Many folks were looking forward to their new Leclerc tank model kit, and it’s quite sad if they’re not coming back to operation.
If anyone on this forum knows more information/update, do you mind sharing? Is all the hope lost?

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They did release the Pantsir S2 and T-90M in January this year after a long hiatus, the last kit prior to that coming out in 2019. So not sure if they have again gone on hiatus since January, or if your information is older.

OK, no thanks on that unhelpful response. I was looking for more concrete info on whether it’s on hiatus or permanently closing. Not the obvious observation and questioning if my info is older. I talked a reputable eBay seller in Hong Kong about this in October as well as David Chou a couple of months ago so it’s not old info.

Could you please chime in if you have more factual info or at least hearsay from a credible source?
Thank you.

Well sorry for not reading your mind. You might have considered being more specific in your original statement, i.e. “several well known modelers I’ve talked to in the last couple of months”.

Also, my apologies for not thinking that you may not have read my question carefully. I am sure you were trying to be helpful but it came across as being “all knowing” tone that some modelers have in this forum and providing statement that is moot, which I do not appreciate.
My specific question at the end was: If anyone on this forum knows more information/update, do you mind sharing?
I have also used a present tense: So I am hearing through… Not past tense. You might have considered reading my specific question at the end more carefully. In school, teachers always emphasize to read the last question on your test.

Back on the topic, the guess I am hearing from the Asian modelers and sellers recently is that Tiger Model is again on “temporary” hiatus rather than closing down but cannot confirm.

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No need to crucify or shoot the messenger…. it might not have helped you specifically James, but it did add to the overall conversation by way of drawing more information and clarity out of yourself in terms of timelines etc.

So are they still around?

I hope they are - I love Tiger kits. Them and Meng are the best in the business in my opinion, everything I’ve built or got in the stash by them has been absolutely brilliant.

They announced a Leclerc recently, I’m holding off on the Tamiya one until the Tiger version is released.

And yes, a Griffon would be amazing.

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Patiently waiting for my Nagmachon Doghouse Late kit to come from Canada. Looking at the Armorama review of the kit, I know i will enjoy building it. :smiley:


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I’ve got it. It is absolutely fantastic. The detail is absolutely stunning. Tiger Models and especially their Nagmachon kits are so well-engineered. I love them. The doghouse section comes in its own protective section in the box, it’s really finely molded. Super kit. The tracks look great but very time consuming.

That’s the million dollar question - no one knows for sure. Just guesses from modelers/sellers out in Asia.

Many people are hoping for them to come back in 2023… They seem to be taking hiatus every year…

Caveat though - the general consensus among the “experts” (aka, rivet counters) is that the Hobby Boss kit is much more accurate.

Yeah; well. They don’t matter around my workbench. Still looking forward to receiving and building my Nagmachon, regardless of what the Rivet Counters say.

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