Tiny Japanese Workhorse - Mazda's K360

When it comes to cars, you guys know I love something a bit different. I mean sure, I love losers, and Euro-weirdness (usually ugly Renaults), but there’s something about cars with the wrong number of wheels that really get me. I love six-wheeled cars, but hey, something with three wheels is also something to get excited about!

A couple of years ago, I got a bunch of 1/32 Arii three-wheeled trucks from my Uncle for Christmas. I thought it was time to see how they built up, and I have to say, it was pretty fun! If you want to see something you’re not likely to come across too often, check out my 1/32 Mazda K360 truck at the link below and be prepared for the weirdness!


i’ve seen a few of these 1:32 scale kits built up and think they’re a great addition for the unique vehicles chosen.

“coral” - indeed! can only mean happy things.

very nice & informative blog, too.

Q: any way you would make it (new posts) available by email notification?


Thanks for the compliments!

I think, if you subscribe, or follow, or whatever it’s called, you get an email notification when there’s a new post. I try to put up one a month, but it’s not always possible, since it takes a lot of time to write up those articles.

Try the “follow” think and see if it works.

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