Tiny Terminator | Armorama

Zvezda's 1/72 scale BMPT 'Terminator'.

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Wow, absolutely amazing work in such a tiny scale… well done!


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Great to see it finished! Your review inspired me to get the kit (in 2018), and I have it half-painted, due to not having the inspiration for the masking. I will get on with it soon…

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That’s awesome especially in 1/72.

Just WOW

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Just reading the title…here I was expecting a tiny Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Joke aside, you have done an EXCELLENT job on that model!

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Thanks Andras. Would you like the masking set that I have for it? I used it as a template to create masks from Tamiya tape, and I think it could still be used to do the same thing again. Otherwise it is just going to sit in my box of bits until… you know… :woozy_face: It will fit in a letter so is easy enough to post.

Dear Matt,

That is a very generous offer, thank you. I would very much appreciate it… (I just checked… I started my build last year, and it got kind of stuck at the painting phase. The curse of the Terminator it seems.)