Tips for Airbrushing AK 3rd Generation

I have been trying to airbrush AK Interactive 3rd Gen paints without success. I have tried thinning it at a higher ratio (60%-70%) and used flow enhancer among other things. The paint always seems to splatter when I airbrush and I also end up with tip dry. Also, I use 3rd Gen thinner when I airbrush.

I’m wondering if there is anyone that has had some of the same issues but was able to figure out how to airbrush this paint successfully. Thanks.

Have you tried ak retarder?

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I have not. Do you know if it works?

I don’t thin it with water…I use the AK 3rd GEN thinner and just mix it that way…just a few drops is enough.

It’s said to be ready to airbrush straight from the bottle.

A retarder extends the drying time of acrylics helping to prevent the paint from drying on the tip.

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I had a strange experience with AK 3G paint. I bought some when it first came out and it sprayed beautifully thinned with a little water. A few months later, same paint, same jars, jammed the airbrush. Shaked vigorously, really vigorously, same effect. FWIW.

I find that the best airbrush paints are Gunze Sanyos…they spray beautifully and smoothly practically straight from the jar after stirring.

Tamiya mixed with Flat Base and thinner also works…the Flat Base acts as the retarder.

Yes, I do remember that. Thanks.

Yes, I used to use Gunze Sangyo Aqueous all of the time but you can’t get them in the states anymore. The only thing about them is that they came out semi-gloss. I usually like a flat finish on my armor.

Love Tamiya paints as they are my go to paint. Unfortunately, they don’t have any colors that approximate 4B0 green, which is why I want to use the 3rd Generation paint.

SprueBrothers: Gunze-aqueous-hobby-color here in the US appears to carry ~118 of the colors.


Really? I thought they discontinued selling GS Aqueous here in the US several years ago. I wonder what changed? They used to be my go to paints.

It’s available now on Sprue Brother’s for purchase. I’m getting some Tire Black today.

There may have been import/distribution issues in the recent past. No idea on the details. I know there were issues back in the 1990’s when I bought my first bottle of Mr Hobby/Gunzy. It was as rare as hen’s teeth etc.

Yes, I was looking at the list. I appears they don’t have all of the GS Colors. For example, I used to use H340 Field Green and they are not listed there.

What sort of pressures are you spraying at? Experience has taught me that the two key issues to get right are correct thinning (usually very thin) and correct pressure (often very low).

Just an idea …?