Tiran 5 (Tamiya 1/35)

Here’s one quick project, just for relaxation. Excellent Tamiya model built OOB, the only thing added were fuel lines from spares box and stretched sprue. The model comes without (sic!) clear parts for periscopes and I was too lasy to make them.
Paints and weathering products from Ammo by Mig.
As always, comments and critics appreciated.


Wow that looks excellent Sasa! Great job all around but I really love the heavy dust look.

Thanks buddy!

It’s the best work. That’s great.^^

Well painted and weathered. Nicely done!

Simple, yet a pretty detailed kit…followed up by simple, yet pretty effective camo/weathering. What modeling should be…pretty simple/effective. Wish I could back to just doing that! LOL
Well done indeed!

lovely job. Well done.

Thank you guys, I’m glad you like it!

Nice model.

Truly a inspiring build

Very Nice Indeed!! How do you like the Ammo by Mig paints? Just starting to use them and was wondering what you thought of using them?


@BuddytheElf … well, generally I am satisfied with them. Some are great and spray and even brush just great, some are problematic (quick drying on the tip of airbrush), but nothing that some experiments with thinner and drying retarders cannot solve. Their line of One Shot primers are excellent but the recent bottle of black one in the new bottle was problematic for cleaning the airbrush. They never answered my email asking if there was a change in a formula. Also, I use their lines of products for weathering effects and that stuff is also great.
The reason I am using them is purely because I can get them in my local hobby shop…

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Thanks Doodeck, good info to know. So far I have had good results. Transitioning away from Tamiya. I have to mail order everything as there is no hobby shops near me.