Tires for Sd. 232-4-263 8-wheelers.-

Good morning everybody,
I am currently building a small scale Dragon SdKfz 263 radio armoured car and I am at a loss in terms of tires fitted to this specific vehicle. The ones provided by the kit are OK but have an awful totally unrealistic thread, the only aftermarket option I know and I have Tank resin wheels, are marginally better than Dragon plastic ones, but are smaller in size. I have scaled down drawings from the nice Nuts and Bolts study dedicated to these vehicles to measure them up. Do you know of any alternative wheels that have an acceptable thread and a correct size? In general I find rather hard to find reliable informations on German tire types in spite of the amount of available literature on everything WW2 German, have you got any recommendation?
Thanks in advance and regards.

Hussar & Panzer Art offer a 232 8 rad wheel & tire.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but Hussars and Panzerart do produce 1/35 scale aftermarket items and I need a replacement for the kit wheels in 1/72.

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Sorry I didn’t catch the models scale.