Titanic 1/400


I am new in this group/site.
my english is not that good but i can handle it :slightly_smiling_face:
When i was younger i build a couple of airplanes and 1 ship (Santa Maria from Revell). The ship didn’t survive the next years, to my regret.

Now we are building the Titanic. it’s almost finished, but here ar some photo’s of the build.
I build quite slowly because sometimes I don’t have the time/inspiration. But when I build, I build with great pleasure and dedication.

Have a great day.

ice from the back of the fridge, ideal scale :see_no_evil:





Welcome Tim, and the Titanic looks great with what you’ve done so far. Looks big … !! Does it have internal lighting ? Or a standard kit ? Looking forward to seeing more.:+1:

Hey Johnny.

Thnx for your comment.
It is a standard kit and it does not have internal lighting.

A lot of parts from this kit are terrible. A lot of flash and it does not fit well together.
This ship is almost done. We are working on the lifeboats now.

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Hi Tom,
She is looking real good so far…keep up the good work!
What kit is that?

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Looks awesome so far!

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@McRunty Thnx man. :relaxed:

@Grauwolf thanks for your positive comment.

This is a standard kit from Revell 1/400.

We are working on the lifeboats. The surface of the plastic boats was not that good.

A thin later of aluminium foil is better. Of course we did some rigging.
1 done, three more to go.


absolutely fabulous, I’m listening to one of the survivors on audio book right now.

please keep us posted with more up dates soon.


thnx man :relaxed:

O wauw a audio book of a survivor, what is the name of the book? It seems interesting to me to hear the story’s of a survivor.

The lifeboats are nearly done. I will post a pictures here when de Titanic is completed.


@Tom_Vd i actually found the audiobook on youtube, there other much smaller accounts of people being on that ship when it sank. i have listed below the one i am listening to at work.


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@Klaus-Adler thnx man :+1:I will definitely listen to this.

Finally, I can say that the titanic is finished. Soon we will order acrylic sheets and we can put a dust cover over it. Many parts did not fit together well. So it was a lot of trimming, puttying and sanding. But we made it.

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that is truly an amazing build, well done indeed sir!

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Your Titanic looks great. Well done.


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Thnx for the kind words :blush:

Thank you sir. It was a lot of work but worth it.

Quote: It was a lot of work but worth it.

Well now you can be proud of the EXCELLENT work you have done.
And yes get her in a case…you don’t want to be dusting all those fine
Again, EXCELLENT job!

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Thnx for your positive comment.

Dust is a modeller’s enemy. so we’re going to protect him.

On to the next project, not a ship this time :blush:.