Tobruk 1942

This small diorama represents a conference of DAK Pz 3J crew and officers outside Tobruk, 1942.
The disabled gun is an early variant of the 25LB howitzer.
The officers include an Italian who has joined the conference.
The Pz 3J is a Dragon kit.
The gun is from an old Tamiya kit.
The figures are form Dragon and Mlb.
One is from Alpine


Now that looks excellent, everything dusty & dulled – 4th & 5th photos are peaches, would be good to see the dio in sunshine from 1:35-man’s height too :tumbler_glass:

This is a nice looking dio, the figures are especially good. Thank you for sharing your build with us and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Best regards…Dale

A very nice little diorama well executed. Love what I see

Thanks for the comments.
I’ll post some better pictures with better lighting