Tom Bombadil from LOTR

Been a while since I finished and posted anything due to a detached retina since last January. So here is my first new figure:

Tom is 3D printed I got from Aliexpress, and the animals I got from Etsy. Everything else is scratch. Comments? (Just favorable ones :blush:)
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Outstanding job! Really nice paint job and beautiful colors. Love the diorama. Keep it up!

Beautifully done! The most lighthearted character and portion of the whole tale. You nailed the look of him!

Leo, that is beautifully done. I love the look of him happily strolling through the forrest. And nice work on the base too, it was a while before I noticed the rabbits! Wonder what else is hiding in there?

I really must re-read LoTR. I read it for the first and only time when the films came out and I have to admit I was never sure where Tolkien was going with Bombadil. I think I might get it more now.

Thanks all! @phantom_phanatic. IMHO Bombadil may actually be the most powerful person (Sauron debatable) in the story. The Elves called him (in English) “First and Oldest”, which means he already existed before the Elves. I believe he was a minor spirit who was sent to manage trees and forests, etc, and decided to remain in Middle Earth because he loved it so much. He took on human guise and was already there to welcome the Elves. As a spirit, he shared a common origin as Sauron. When Bombadil asked Frodo for the Ring, Frodo felt compelled to hand it over. Bombadil toyed with the Ring and seemed to have power over it - first: he was not afraid of handling it, like Gandalf, and Galadriel; second: when he put it on he did not disappear; and finally: he was able to make it disappear, then re-appear, to Frodo’s concern (although it may just have been a sleight of hand trick). But Bombadil was a happy-go-lucky pacifist who had no interest in the world outside of his Old Forest.
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Well done! Like the tree and foliage. Did you make the tree from twisted wire?

I seem to recall that now. At the time I didn’t really get it, I think I would know having read more about him.
I’ll have to make the time to revisit it in the new year I think.

The tree is real - it started as a pruning/cutting from a tree in our backyard. I then drilled some holes in the ends of the branching parts, and random areas elsewhere. I glued some twigs of “Super-Tree” material into the holes and faired in the joint with some putty to make them look more natural. Then painted everything brownish-gray (although, next time I will paint the “Super-Tree” material BEFORE gluing them to the main trunk as it was awkward painting them after they were attached). Then dry-brushed, etc., and moss applied. After all was dry and set up, I sprayed the branches with dollar-store quality hair spray (I prefer hair spray to spray adhesive because adhesive can be smelly and the over-spray messy - hair spray is just as adhesive, and generally better smelling) and sprinkled on foliage bits (“Super-Leaf” material from Scenic Express). Then fixed it all with more spray. Flowers and ground foliage are various dried and preserved plants I bought so much of years ago - and they’re still good. I made the 'shrooms from 2-part epoxy putty. The yellow bush at the back is a bundle of fine roots daubed randomly with white glue and sprinkled with finely ground green foam, followed by some coarser yellow foam on the tops. Painted lengths of wire could substitute for fine roots. Base is carved styrofoam covered with Celluclay.
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IF I’m being honest, having read the books numerous times in my younger days, I was very disappointed in the film adaptations of the books. The first film, I felt, was the closest to the “spirit” of the books, after that they just seemed a vehicle to indulge in SFX - which, truth be told, were impressive. With a few notable exceptions, McKellen carried the films. But, for me, the biggest disappointment was the absence of Bombadil. I understand that Jackson had to make choices - omitting Bombadil was possibly one of his worst. (I believe I’m supposed to add “IMHO” here. :grimacing:)

Great job on your Bombadil vignette. In particular: love the landscaping! Cheers (from Eastern Ontario).

I was disappointed in the absence of Bombadil, as well. That also eliminated the episode with “Old Man Willow”, the hot Goldberry, but, most importantly, the evil wight on the Barrow Downs. Jackson could have made a really frightening scene in the barrow. Also, that’s when the hobbits were supposed to acquire their weapons.
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Yep, and ALL that too. Aragorn handing them their “swords” just didn’t cut it.

That’s a beautifully painted figure and outstanding ground work!

Thanks for the “Likes”! :hugs:
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How is that super leaf product ? Again you did an excellent job on the ground work.

As you can see, it is passable even in 54 - 70 mm scales. Since the “leaves” are all cut to a uniform diamond, or rectangle shape, their orientation doesn’t matter - any direction they fall looks OK. I used cheapo hair spray as an adhesive, then sprayed again after to firmly fix them on.
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