Torn on ICM Spitfire

I need to make a paint order for some projects I have on my bench. To make shipping more palatable I want to add a kit. $14 shipping for $20 in paint is a lot harder to take than $14 shipping for $20 in paint and a kit. I was thinking on adding a Spitfire and came across the ICM Spitfire MKVIII. It seems to be a great deal at $20 Canadian. However, upon reading reviews some say its the best 1/48 spitfire (yes the review is a little long in the tooth, but it at least at one point was apparently best in class), while other reviews say is has so many sink marks it is unbuildable. This has me really confused on how one model can have such starkly contrasting reviews. Anyone have an opinion on these? I know its only $20 but if they truly are trash I can probably find something else to add to my paint order.


I dont know about that bird it self, but I can say that over the past few years Ive built quite a few ICM kits and yes they do have some sink marks . They are easy to remedy… Here is the trick . Those pesky little nubs that stick off of parts are the same diameter as the sink mark . Glue them in place trim and sand .

Perfect. I don’t mind a bit of work to make it up to par but I’m also not looking for a disaster. Sounds like they are a great value (the spitfire and 109 are half the price of the completion and from what I can tell very detailed)

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Don’t know about the ICM but you probably can’t go wrong with the current Eduard Spits or the most recent Tamiya.

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@Mead93. . Try that trick i referenced . The great thing is it works on almost any model .

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I’ve definitely considered it, and will definitely pick one up in the future, but they are three times the ICM price up in Canada

When I rediscovered the Hobby I started of with all the ICM quarter scale Spitfire and Mustang kits as my then local model was selling them cheap. I found them very enjoyable to build including the Spitfire Mk.VIII. Yes there are a few flaws but at the price they were easily fixed. More importantly they looked good to me when finished.
tim :smiley:

Good to hear. I pulled the trigger on it. Hard to go wrong for $20!

I have one sidelined about 2/3 built. Mine did not have any sink marks worth noticing. The biggest challenge/problem with the kit is getting the cowling to fit around the engine. It is a gorgeous engine. But if you leave it out, no worries. It really is a beauty of a kit.

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Glad to hear it’s good

I do like the addition of a full engine. Should have grabbed their Bf-109 as well! Which kit do you have? I think they do two MKVIII, and from my reading newer boxing tend to have fewer sink marks.

I’m building the Mk. VII. I actually have one more of those and a Mk. IX in my stash. Although comparing the sprues, they are all the same kits, with common sprues, and which version you build is decided by which parts options are used. I would suggest that you get some decals, as ICM decals can be fragile and shatter during application.

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Good to know! There is a place near me that has a large selection of decals

Kit arrived today.

A few very minor sink marks on the tail and fuselage, nothing a bit of careful cleanup can’t solve. Glad I pulled the trigger on this kit. For only $20 it’s a really nice kit


The first 1/350 ship I built was an ICM German Dreadnaught (Konig). It was a tough & rough kit - and new tool around 2000. Unless Phil Flory is daft, ICM has become one of the best producers in Europe. He’s very keen on their 1/48 Ju088. I built a 1/35 Model T staff car for a dio and it was very neat. In my stash is a 1/32 Gladiator and it looks terrific. So I can see ICM being an equal to Eduard. I’ve never made an Eduard kit that hasn’t had a heart attack moment or two. They certainly don’t equal a Tamiya - but no one else does either. BTW - the Tamiya Spit I is a remarkable model - as are all of their recent 1/48 aircraft. (BF-109G6, Ki-61 - jet fans droll over their F14 and new F4.) But they do come with a hefty price tag. It would be interesting to see how the ICM P51 and BF109 compare with the 1/48 Tamiya versions. The Tamiya kits are late 90s, but fine efforts. ICM might equal them - be interesting to find out.