ToRo Afghan civilians riding a motorcycle | Armorama™

Latest 1/35 figures from ToRo are two Afghan civilians riding a motorcycle.

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Nothing like taking home a young boy to meet your parents.

As a rider, I always shake my head when I see dudes in Florida and other sunny locations riding with flip flops. I guess in Afghanistan you have much more serious things to worry about when riding than wearing sandals.

As for the figures - meh. The passenger could use some work. Maybe bogart one of the heads from the Master Box Somewhere in the Middle East set. (Which is actually not in the Middle East and can only be used in Afghanistan as is) The heads are for better in appearance.
Maybe even a whole torso and head, so the “civilian” can be sportin’ his Kalashnikob.

Those heads are disappointing but that’s not insurmountable. Make for an interesting pair of dickers watching a patrol or such like.