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Oh wow!

Another ‘must have’.

Regards jason

Buy the 1/35, 6.000 lb , photoetch crane for light trucks from Minor Models (1/35 scale civilian vehicle - minor), part number AVC35004 and/or GC35001, for 15 € ($18), and you got the same thing. I’ve got at least one in the PE stash. Photos show use on the GAZ family of trucks. I sure this crane could find accepted use on the Opel Blitz as well.

Try this link as well.

Minor 1/35 6.000 lbs. Auto crane for tow truck | eBay

They must of seen my crane build on the back of the Opel Maultier for the MiniArt build lol

Yes and no. Your Opel inspired my Zis-5V idea which Miniart has borrowed for this kit which is why part of my Miniart build has stalled with this news. :smiley:

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I wonder if we get any royalty rights lol …

I am a reasonable gent, a copy to compare would be payment enough. :joy:

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