Toyota Family Tree, just for fun

Found this when looking for Sivalka Vm 8



Toyota should offer the Hilux with optional armaments direct from the factory.

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I laughed out loud at the far right bottom variant.

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In some countries the Hilux “doubles” as tractor. It needs to seriously robust.

After Top Gear blew up a building with a Hilux on top (after several other tortures even) and started and drove it afterwards with only basic repairs, I have nothing but respect for those things.

It’s missing the deadliest variant of all.

Maybe we should have a Technical vehicle group build?


With the new kits from AK Interactive and the Meng kits already here. I think we should. :wink:

Me too.
I’ve got the Meng set with the two trucks in it.

He’s happy to join in.

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Meng also makes a Soviet/RUssian AA Weapons set that includes four separate AA systems.


Also, lesser common, are the technicals that have repurposed rocket pods from Russian helicopters.


Meng makes this in resin.

YUp. :smiley:


There are a couple other companies that make it as well

Def Model has a nice conversation on top of the wheel sets.

A great book and lots of nice idea photos- Technicals: Non-Standard Tactical Vehicles from the Great Toyota War to modern Special Forces: New Vanguard Leigh Neville Osprey Publishing

Just found this-

That was a great episode

Do armed/armored Mexican F150s count?