Toyota Hilux SCV Czech SOF MMK/Meng 1/35

I have to wait a while for LR elements, so something from beyond my southern border. Toyota Hilux used by Czech special forces. I have a resin MMK kit and a traditional MENG. For 90%, I will use MENG plus conversion elements from MMK


Oh wow that is one cool looking SOF truck. Can you tell me what the MG on the right side door is as I can’t quite make it out?

@Karl187 SOV - PK, PKM, PKT, PKTM, PKB, PKBM : SSSR / Rusko (SOV/RUS)


Colleague @skarik has already led me out of my mistake. I have to use resin :face_vomiting:

Great build project!!


Way to go Toyota Hilux!


Thanks for that Piotr :+1:!

Hello, very original truck , I have the MMK kit too.

MMK and Meng Hilux are not the same at all The shape of the cabs are sinificately different. The Meng kit is not the one used by the czech SOG. The MMK one is a 2002 model while the MENG one is a 90’s model.

The MMK kit is not bad.
But doors are not separated. It is a bit complicated if you want to remove some of them.

I plan to build one with camouflage net and without the the front right door. I will used a camouflage net from Tetra Model Works, a thin synthetic and stretchable material, the best option in my mind instead of fragile decals or thick and rigid photoetch items.

The cab of my kit with one door removed.

For good references pictures for the real truck.

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@terminator - Thank you for your support. I looked at the kit and it actually doesn’t look bad. I don’t like resin as a base (conversions yes). I will not cut the door - I’m a bit scared. I know the website and I have photos, but thank you.

You’re welcome. For the color I was thinking about TS 46 Tamiya but I 'm not sure.

If you have an idea, I’m interested.

I hope to see your built.

in my opinion
AD6237 - nr 237 Desert Tan

OK, I will try thank you.

I am at this stage-

cleaning and assembling smaller elements. In the background the massage net that I am going to use.