TPZ 1 Fuchs A6A1 NBC


I would like to show a model done 2 years ago.
Wheels with XZL tread pattern and interior part.
Those kits are great MR Modellbau has made a nice job.

The interior in place. Instructions are not very clear, pictures of the real thing are needed to put the parts in tge right location.
(panzer modell website)

The kit turret goes with solidar ring and hatch. I have rebuilt the ring and kept the Revell hatch.

A MG42/59 from Trumpeter is used to replace the MG3 from Revell.

Interior with roof details and dashboard. Handles and extinguisher are added not in the update set, as 3 forgotten interior parts for episcopes I have made myself.

New doors in styrene

Roof added details

Rebuilt storage platform and side shutter.

Missing details added

Extended base of the antenna, added detail on supports of hydrojets.

Brass TOW cable and Hobbyboss eyelets.

From Trumpeter:

Tools to replace the ones from Revell who look like toys.

Smoke dischargers with better shape and better size.

Voyager, Eduard chains


Great job! I especially like the details and the weathering. AAA+++

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Really nice work. Loving the camo and the wheels are done well. Keep it up.

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