Tpz1 fuchs (venezuela) kuka turret

Hello guys
someone have info and drawing about venezuelan turret?

This would be the easiest option for a Kuka turret. Upgrade kit - KUKA rheinmetal KBA 25mm - 1/35 scale - Resin 3D printed | eBay

no… my one is pyramidal…

Dear all
I have some “old friends” in my stock pile of kit to assembly.
they look me and they ask me: “when do you assembly me?”
the TPz1 is one of them.
now is time to project the assembly of it

Germans have a lot of interesting versions (as radio…) but… Venezuelan version is more exciting!
for a long time I haven’t a good view of the turret and of the top lay-out, so was not possible procede.
now I have found in Internet a top view and I can procede to build it.


Can you show the photo?


the carrier is without antiskid pads…

Rubber wheels had melt some component…now there are in the bag

Hi! I would strongly recommend not to use these. They are absolutely ugly and have wrong size/shape. There are nice aftermarket wheels for the Fuchs, I used these from MR Modellbau some decades ago. However, their quality is so/so. MR CAN do fine castings, but they use the moulds way to long. At least it was the case when I bought mine. As said, decades ago.


Thank you for your suggestion.
I’ll follow your idea, when ready I buy new wheels

There is this option of the TPz TVM KRK from Mad Modellbau,

Comes as a conversion, not just the turret.

Today a little job of putty

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I am not sure what type of tyre they use, but DEF has two sets:

One review from this site:

They are more than what you probably bought the kit for, but are available. e.g a couple from retailers in the EU (noting you are in Italia):

Real model also did a set, but I think they might be out of production.

New wheels is coming