Tractor Brigade - Invasion of Ukraine BMD-4M 1:35

Russian invasion of Ukraine 2022. Ukrainian farmers captured Russian airborne armoured infantry fighting vehicle BMD-4M. The Ukraine authorities said seized Russian tanks don’t need to be declared on tax form. The tractor became a symbol of resistance. Nickname : Tractor Brigade. 1/35 1:35


an absolutely fantastic diorama and amazing attention to detail, well done indeed.

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That little scene is brilliantly done. Great detail and weathering on all of it. The figures look terrific also. Superb.

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I agree with everyone else, it’s a well executed little scene. Was just thinking if you had done this 5 months ago people would have said it was unrealistic :grinning:


Fantastic scene- I really like the way you have done this. The road and vehicles are set at a nice angle and the figures really compliment the whole thing. The camo on the BMD-4 and the heavily weathered tractor are great to look at. Can I ask what kit the tractor is and what kits the figures are?

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A female head was changed on the masterbox figure.

Thank you Wallace for getting back to me. You chose your figures and kits very well.

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Very nice. It looks great.

Still working on mine. I had to take a break as we packed up most of the house to redo the floors. Back at it in a week or so.

Really excellent job that instantly tells a story. Well done on the finish on both vehicles!

Nice. Really captures what has become an iconic image of the war. :+1: :+1:

Woo hoo :+1: :+1: :+1:

Traditionally for me in such situations:

more photo here.


Слава Україні

Nicely done! What a way to join the forum!

Very nice the diorama.

I love the kickstand!