Traffic Signs, Kuwait 1990's | Armorama

New MiniArt kit is coming out soon. Kit #35631

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This is a welcomed surprise from MiniArt. Maybe it is the start to a whole line of ODS kits and accessories.

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Nice. I wonder if some of these would be the same in Iran and Iraq in the 80s (not the ones with Kuwait place names of course)?

Yes, the common signs are pretty much the same across the Middle East.

Some ODS figures from them would be great !

Disappointed, no Camel crossing



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Is there a different sign for central asia?

Farsi, although written in Arabic letters (plus a few extra specific for Farsi pronunciation) is a entirely different language, so generally traffic signs with Arabic writing on them would not be good for Iran.

Don’t know if they are real or not, but…

Wonder if this is a hint at what might be down the pipeline??
T-72 anyone??