Trailer chains and connections

Hello all,
Does anybody have any info on how to build or purchase the safety chains and power cables that are on the us militaries trailers?
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There’s a chains, hooks and turnbuckles set made by MR Models :
I guess you’ll have to scrachbuild the power cables (and the air brake hoses as well…)


Aber makes a nice set for doing the airbrake cables and connectors - Part number R-24 Pneumatic joints, nipples, and valves.


I’ve used these on a couple of kits.


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Thanks for the info, Rick.


I love the site I hope I can answer questions some day not just ask. Thank you to all the answers I have two follow up questions. Where do I order the stuff to do electrical lines and what do I use to make the hook end of a chain.

I have used a couple of different materials for electrical lines. Fine lead wire used for making fly fishing flies works well. It conforms to any shape easily. Find it at a fly shop. Fine copper wire also works well and is better suited for longer straighter runs. I found mine in the garage in a length of twisted core electrical wire. I stripped of the insulation and have a lifetime supply. Thin copper wire can also be found in craft stores in the beading section. For the connectors, I use bits of styrene rod or stretch styrene tube. The hold down clamps can be made from any number of thin metals - strips of thin copper or wire bottle lead. Stretched styrene tube can be carefully cut in half lengthwise also for the clamps.

Experiment a bit to find what works best for your application.


Your question depends of the weight of of your cargo and then the utilization of restraints, and then the mode of transportation. Another words, land transported cargo will never receive the same consideration as air transportation. A 10,000 pound chain used on a land transported load, would probably never work on an aircraft where center of gravity, and torque issues, would required the use of a 25,000 pound chain. Every load has their experts of restraints…whether land, sea, or air. Research is required.

I’m just looking to replicate the look of the modern us army trailers. I’ve worked on them as a mechanic so I know what right looks like I just need to get my hands on the supplies.

Glad to see someone else mentioning fly tying supplies, I dip into mine all the time. I have vinyl ribbing material used for segmented bodies and it works great for hoses and conduit. Fine brass and lead wire, ribbon, tinsel etc are all found on spools and lends its self for detailing, making straps for securing gear, rifle slings etc. Overall it’s handy and priced right.