Train Wreck

Hi Gang,

Really enjoy all of your posts and photos. Thanks to all of you for keeping this site alive.

To try to make a not very creative metaphor with railroading, I have detailed and need to finally bite the bullet and just stop the train. I simply have had too much to do the past few years and things are piling up there’s even more and more now. I am not ready to step down from the site yet, but the next month or two, I probably will not be around very much - like the previous few months. I’m still hoping to put up a review or two here there, and peruse your posts - I’ve got to try to find some enjoyment in my life.

The structures group build has been extended, I haven’t gotten into the official workings yet to do it but it still extended.

I hope that with some real focused effort, I can take care of some of the real life things going on and get back into modeling and being more active here in a month or so.

Until then, I ask for your patience. So many of you have been “keeping the fire box hot” and the signals green. I really appreciate it, and hope to be more active in a month or so, sooner than later hopefully.

Thank you, Fred


Sorry that things have become overwhelming for you Fred but I totally understand. You give a lot of your time to not only Railroad Modeling but all of the other pages as well, not to mention all of the reviews that you do as well as all of the time you spend helping all of us when we need assistance.

So enjoy your much needed break and get in lots of “Fred Time”. Looking forward to your return after you take time to recharge.

Take care,
Randy :slight_smile:


Thank you, Koda Waste.

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Don’t rush yourself. Your return will be most welcome, but we’ll be waiting whenever it happens. Take your time to get the “real world” really sorted and then you will be able to relax and get proper satisfaction from your recreation time.

Not a problem. The end date can wait. However prolonged it may be the odds are still against me completing anything anyway, even a derelict, semi ruined one hole wooden comfort facility - in N scale…

Best Wishes,


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Fred, I know you have been battling many things in the “real world.”

So, much like all our models, we will be waiting patiently for you right here upon your return to the hobby.

All the Best!