Tried to improve a not great T-34 again

This time was Dragon 6449 and the main inspiration was T-34-76 STZ, 1942, PatriotPark. TAJ Walkarounds.. If anyone wants a list of what to do if you want to pick the kit let me know


Some more pictures


I would be interested.

I am not an expert but your build looks good. :+1::+1:


How bad is it? It’s a Dragon so I know the instructions are horrible.

Very impressive indeed.I have some vintage Tamiya and Zvezda T34 76s.My skills arent up to major conversions.
Nice model.

Just to clarify the tracks are MasterClub 35020, but the kit ones are the appropriate type. The log is made from a sprue covered in Tamiya epoxy putty and the stowage is Black Dog. I have use pieces from MiniArm 35205, 35166, 35161, 35196.

And honestly I cannot vouch that the model is 100% accurate, either …

The front:

  • On the front C half-tube I have added a thin plastic strip to simulate the running gate place, as opposed to the later thinner cast line.
  • The fender were round and added CA with plaster to square it off.
  • The Bow machine gun bulge was replace with Miniarm as the kit was for an earlier production.
  • The head light was replaced with the one from the new T-34/85 border kit (as it is a carry over from the 76 one and is not use) and was moved towards the fender. Also added the conduit.
  • The hooks are also from Miniarm, the ones in the kit are of doubious shape and are fitting an earlier production, well from the pictures i have studied at least,
  • Wish I was skilled enough for straight carving to better emphasize the distinction between the plates and the finger joint unique to this vehicles…
  • Before the turret two small need to be added. I guess they protect the turret ring.

The sides:

  • Pretty straight forward omitted the antenna pot and its port. Removed all molded on tie down U’s and replaced them with bent wire.
  • On the left side of the vehicle added the straps for the 2 shovels.
  • Omitted the jack on the right side
  • There are heads for only 1 towing cables, so I sourced if from an other kit.

The back:

  • the transmission covers were straight so I had to file them to be curved.
  • the hooks were made using the kit upper part and the lower was made from styrene to save the rare resin product :stuck_out_tongue: The are almost identical to the ones on the from with the exception that have 3 bolts per side instead of 2.
    *The kit has the right number of bolt on rear cover. but the shape was lack luster so I shaved them and replaced them with hex bolts.
  • The kit does not know that with fewer bolts on the lower row, the two deck hinges were moved towards the inside. The exhaust armored cover should have 8 hex bolts so I replaced them with Miniarm.
  • The small inspection hatch from the kit has a key hole in upper center part. This this shouldn’t be there so I sanded and attached a small handle.
  • The rear fenders needed trimming and added the reinforcement line present on all t-34 rear fenders. all from PE added the jack block brackets
  • The rear lights disappeared so I closed completely the hole in the meshy cover of the transmission.

The turret:

  • .The chin cut is very difficult for me to explain how dragon gets it wrong. The thing that the oblique part was welded to strip of metal which is also welded to the lateral side o the turret. However, that extra plate does not exist, so you should cut the plastic part for that, Make the oblique part to be welded directly to ring part of the turret.
    *both periscopes on the upper turret were replaced with miniarm
  • The straight nose mantled front the kit has to be adjusted as the lower part are curved and should at a right angle, also there are 2 weld marks

Well the tank itself is simple enough and the instructions are ok, same old copy paste $$$$.
The problem is some details are soft and many things are not up to par. see my reply to @Tank_1812

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Thanks. Well, not up to todays standard, Tamiya can be built to look decent. Here is mine from some 10 years ago.

I kinda like the new Zvezda t-34s, good price quality ratio, some minor errors and they have to texture at all. Also, I think only their SU-100 is accurate for a WW2 time vehicle.


Thanks for the information.

Very nice builds.
For that Dragon kit, and others that have a solid transmission cover, I find that opening up the mesh and adding tulle and a simple framework, and louvers underneath, always make a vast improvement.


Both of these models have PE meshes … There is a contrast between the engine grates which were the solid ones from the kit but pin washed and the Holes in the PE Mesh. Probably should have used a lighter wash there . :expressionless: :unamused:

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Excellent “road book” to update this old Dragon kit … Many thanks, it is very helpfull and congrat’ for the final reproduction !


Thanks. Even though the Dragon kits of the early 76s are probably the best you can buy, I really wonder why almost all 85s variants and latter 76s were releases recently and no love was given to the flat turrets. I don’t consider the new Border one that new as it is eerily similar to a previous kit from AFV Club release,

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You are right, Border T-34/76 was quite disapointing after T-34 's experts checked the kit…

To be frank, I have just started a STZ (Cyber hobby 6355) while waiting for some correction parts for a mix&match of Academy/Panzer Art/Miniart that -at the end- should look like a T-34 “Laminated turret”…

I know that accuracy will not be “bullet proof” neither with the STZ nor the early “hex” but these T-34/76 are my favorite (vs T-34/85). And I wish that Miniart will start a “76-family” one day as they did with the “85” … even if any of these kits can’t be a week-end project :frowning:

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Hey, if you do the laminated/composite 76 just check your source as the very early ones were still on the earlier hulls, with the round rear plate. For the latter ones here are some pictures if you need them ТЗ в виде треугольника с закруглёнными углами с цифрой внутри: riaslov — LiveJournal,
Also, did you mean Miniarm or Miniart? I don’t know what you plan to use from the latter, and from the former you definitely need the towing hooks.,

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Many, many thanks for the link and these extra informations… :pray: :pray: I will double-check :wink: Up to now, I was using photos from Peko and Pulham’s T-34 books

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