Triple 7 in 1/35 scale anyone?

I think I will hear a lot of “YESS” now.:slight_smile: A guy on Shapeways offers thr howitzer for a quite fair prize.
But Gino, I think there wil be a lot of details to add?

I have seen it, and a couple 3D printed offered on eBay. They all look pretty rough and devoid of details to me. I’ll wait for the plastic one, or do another myself.

Yes, we need one in plastic. Come on Trumpeter, get on it!

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Haste nicht deine Bilder an jemandem jeschickt? Ick hab’ mich bei zwo Firmen jemeldet.

Trumpeter hat seit 2012(!) nen Haufen Bilder und sogar Zeichnungen! Ham offenbar keen Interesse.:frowning:
Vielleicht warn die Verkaufszahlen der M198 nich überzeugend?

Shapeways told me that my HEMTT A4 suspension is in the mail. The quality of the print will help me decide to buy further products of Bill´s Models. I know one thing for that that I don´t get any GOER models for 400 bucks.